qualityIn 1995, McMillan Electric was one of the first North American motor manufacturers to achieve ISO 9001 certification, signifying worldwide recognition of our commitment to customer-focused quality. That commitment (now ISO 9001) is an ongoing discipline that affects every aspect of the company.

Each McMillan Electric employee understands the ISO 9001 standards and shares in the pride and responsibility of maintaining them.

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is utilized throughout our operation. SPC provides both digital and manual in-line testing to assure production accuracy and minimize the need for post-production inspections.

McMillan Electric has made substantial investments in quality throughout the company, including:

  • supplier improvement programsiso_sgs
  • internal management audits
  • process capability studies
  • statistical process control
  • surge testing of 100% of production
  • life testing of customer applications

By our commitment to quality, we demonstrate our commitment to your quality.


McMillan Electric guarantees each of our products
for a period of two full years from the date of manufacture against
all defects in workmanship or materials.