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An explosion of global competition, along with amazing new technology, has brought into sharp focus the maxim of survival of the fittest in the motor industry. McMillan Electric has not only responded, but led the way in building better motors more efficiently. We now have the capability of manufacturing millions of motors per year. And we do it at a cost that is competitive with any manufacturer of comparable quality in the world.

We continually study every detail of the manufacturing process for ways to reduce costs by using manpower, materials and energy more efficiently.

Among the results:

  • Fully automated shaded pole stator core manufacturing includes stacking and seamless bonding of laminations as well as inserting, forming and welding of shading coils
  • Fully automated rotor manufacturing with continuous stacking, skewing, pinning and feeding of subassemblies to a computer-controlled diecasting system
  • High-speed multi-head coil winding and wire lacing
  • Automatic slot insulation, coil winding and commutator welding on permanent magnet DC motors
  • “Star Wars” trickle varnish system for armature windings
  • Automated bell cover stamping and finishing

While automation cuts costs, it also assures quality. By minimizing the potential for human error, we’re able to achieve our highest levels of precision ever.

What it all comes down to is value: high quality motors, when you need them, at highly competitive prices.