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Replacement Motor Search

The McMillan Electric model number is a 10-character code on the motor label. It starts with a letter, followed by 4 numbers, then another letter, and finally 4 more numbers (e.g., A1234B5678).

To order a new motor, Please Verify the McMillan Model number, then enter ONLY the LAST 4 NUMBERS of the McMillan Electric model number in the search box. Please do not include the “S” at the end if one is listed. The displayed results will guide you on how to place your replacement motor order. We don’t sell individual motor parts.

For further assistance, please email us at Replacement motor orders received after 12 Noon Central Time will be shipped on the next business day

If you’ve searched for your motor using the last 4 digits and it’s not listed, please contact the unit manufacturer. McMillan no longer produces this motor.

Any non-warranty returns will be subject to a 25% restocking fee, and must be requested within 30 days of purchase.