Generator Heads

The generator heads shown are representative of McMillan Electric’s capabilities.

Generator Head Stator
Features include: Class H insulation, high fill with heavy gage wire for maximum efficiency and low temperature rise.
Generator Head Rotor
Features include: Class H insulation, High current redundant diodes, permanent magnets for self excitation.Options: Lamination stack size can range from 2.5″ to 5.0″, shaft lengths, shaft diameters and keyways. Long-life, heavy-duty bearings.
Generator Head Assembly
Features include: 6,000 watt peak output, drop-in replacement for Rigmaster APU generator head, Class H insulation. For model selection please see below.Options: Shown with optional electrical wiring box for capacitor and circuit breaker. Peak power output is 6,000W.
TYPICAL APPLICATION for APU Generator Heads: Commercial power generation.
Rigmaster APU with V-belt:  model 3841
Rigmaster APU with serpentine belt:  model 4153