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Like the rest of McMillan Electric, our engineering department is customer-driven. We’ve made substantial investments in personnel, equipment and facilities to be able to respond to your requirements.

From an economy fan motor to the most demanding new BFDC application, McMillan Electric engineers have the skill and experience to turn your R&D department’s vision into a working reality. We can work closely with you from the earliest stages of your product development to optimize cost and performance.

In a modern Electrical and Mechanical Engineering office, all engineers use cutting-edge CAD (computer-aided design) technology. McMillan can render a part or a product in 2D or 3D. From there, a 3D part or assembly can be tested in software for functionality in an application, before it is made into a sample or released to production. All samples are produced on Production equipment. This assures consistent samples that represent exactly what you will receive in production quantities.

Examples of our test capability:

  • Environmental testing from -40°C to 150°C, 20 to 98 % humidity
  • Air Flow testing from 3 to 2050 CFM at 1.0 static pressure
  • Programmable power sources for DC and AC 15 -1K Hz up to 300 Volts
  • Dynamometers for performance and heat rise verification up to 250 in/pounds
  • DC, AC single and 3 Phase Power Analysis
  • 2.5G S/s LeCroy Digital Analyzer – for Sound, Vibration and Data Analysis
  • LSN device for measuring FCC Conducted Emissions
  • In-house Application Testing – We test our product in your application

At McMillan Electric, Quality is Engineered into our motor products, not only through design, but in the manufacturing process. We’ve pioneered many new manufacturing procedures, including integral epoxy insulation, direct wind technology, automated assembly and computerized final assembly testing