teamworkEven though we continue to employ new technology, McMillan Electric exists only because of people-to-people relationships. We’re nothing without our talented, caring employees, our capable suppliers and, of course, our valued customers. We see each of these relationships as a partnership, with each partner deriving value in the transaction.

Because of this philosophy, McMillan Electric has been very successful in finding, training and retaining good employees. Most live in the small communities surrounding our Woodville plant, an area where people know and appreciate the values McMillan Electric stands for.

Here employees are respected not only for their skills, but also for their ideas, diversity, spirit and loyalty. We recognize and support the fact that each employee is also a member of a family and a community. The company’s success is their success, and success is rewarded. Many employees have been with the company since it started.

The teamwork concept also applies to suppliers. We’ve asked for and received commitments of quality and service from each one of them, while working with them to constantly improve. Again, the rewards of success are shared.

The last and most important member of the team is you, our customer. We thrive on the challenges you bring to us. We appreciate your suggestions and feedback. Most of all, we value the faith you place in us with your business. Every member of the McMillan Electric team is committed to continue that trust.