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Customer: Phoenix Mfg.

Phone Number: Please order online

Part #: D0528B3646

Replacement Part #: 3646S

Model: 3646S

Price: $92.00

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Continental U.S.
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Item Total: $92.00

Shipping: $15.00

Total Cost: $107.00

Replacement motor 3646S also replaces Phoenix Mfg 1-7-332.

This motor can be purchased for $92.00 plus $15.00 for shipping in the Continental U.S. Shipping to Canada is $40.00. Wisconsin residents, 5.5% Wisconsin sales tax will be added at the time of checkout.

This motor is IN STOCK and will be shipped from Wisconsin. Orders received after 12 pm Central Time will be shipped the next business day.

The replacement motor is identical to the current production motor. The “S” suffix designates the shipping box.

Wholesalers, if you need a formal quote for this motor, please print this page as your quote.