McMillan Electric Company

Do what’s right

Do your best

Treat others as you would like to be treated

Doug McMillan and the McMillan Electric Executive Staff with some of the raw materials that will go into McMillan products.

In 1976 we started making motors here in Woodville, Wisconsin in a small factory with ten people. Together, we had over 200 years of experience manufacturing quality motors. And beneath this foundation of experience lay something even stronger— a core of tried-and-true values.

Just as surely as our facility is built brick upon brick, this company is built on these enduring values. They’re in me, they’re in our employees, and they’re in every product we make. We’re all very proud of this tradition.

McMillan Electric manufactures millions of motors and motor products a year. We ship to customers throughout North America, and they, in turn, sell their products worldwide. As our reach extends, so does our quality and our responsiveness to customer needs.

With our ISO 9001 procedures well tested, we continue finding ways to improve. The more globally competitive our industry becomes, the better we seem to do.

Our success is due to many factors — engineering, automation, integrated quality control, teamwork and customer service — and to the contributions of each and every employee. It’s quality people teaming with a quality company to make quality products.

Douglas D. McMillan
Chief Executive Officer