5″ Brush-Free™ DC Motors

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS for brushless motors include: Air conditioners, furnaces, air handlers, energy recovery ventilators, pumps, compressors, air purifiers and other air moving equipment.

Motor Control Options.

9737-41 HR_with black base
  • H-Bridge Power Drive Technology.
  • Up to 85% Efficient
  • 12 to 24VDC, 115, 230 or 277VAC
  • Variable or Multi-Discrete Speeds
  • Speed Range from 350-2,500 RPM
  • Programmable for Constant Speed, Constant Air Flow or Constant Torque
  • 0-5/0-10V input; PWM Input; Programmable Taps
  • 1/100 to 1 HP
  • Single or Dual Shaft
  • Integrated Control Board
  • Open or Sealed Construction
  • Resilient Base, Tab, or Bolt Mount
  • Durable Ball Bearing Design
  • UL Recognized
  • Made in America and World Class Pricing